How to reactivate a SafeLink phone

Someone asked me the other day if I knew how to get a SafeLink phone reactivated. My answer about 100% of the time is, Google it. For some reason, there was little-to-no information on the topic. The SafeLink website does not even explain this process. Here’s why:

SafeLink is a company that helps provide a free cellphone with free minutes (meant for emergencies for families that qualify), but SafeLink doesn’t actually provide the phone service. You sign up through them, but they work with TracFone.

If you have a SafeLink phone, but you don’t use it for a while, they will automatically deactivate themselves. When you try to make a call, it will tell you that the phone is not active and you need to purchase an airtime card or use a credit card to purchase more minutes, this does not have to be done.

  1. Visit the TracFone website by clicking here.
  2. Select the first option (activate/reactivate), scroll down and select the phone you have then click submit.
  3. If you have an account, login. If not, click register.
  4. From this screen, you can create an account, or scroll to the bottom of the page and click “skip this step”.
  5. It will be asking for you phone’s serial number. (In your phone go to menu>prepaid, depending on your phone, it will be inside a menu there.
  6. It should tell you that your phone is deactive, continue with the screen.
  7. When the airtime selection is shown, scroll to the bottom and click “skip”.
  8. You now need to power cycle your phone (turn it off then on again), then try to make a call.
  9. Finish the last few steps to make sure there are no other issues. You’re done!

If you cannot make calls, try the process again, or you may need to contact customer support at 1-800-378-1684.


  1. I ask them to put my minutes and number on a old safelink phone I got from them.. I didn’t have a sim card to activate it so all my ssafe link minutes went on a tracking phone I was forced to buy! So today I get my sim card that was suppose to get with the phone in the first place, and I tried to get my number and minutes transfered to this safelink phone. They got my minutes on the phone but couldn’t activate it!! Now my minutes and info are stuck cause they didn’t sent my reactivation to my tracfone!! They lied said they would fix the problem in few hours still I have no phone active!! This is bull shit!!

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