I Am Shaman Review

When it comes to purchasing herbs online, you should really trust the vendor you are purchasing from. I have used IAmShaman.com for my exotic herbal needs for over 4 years now and have nothing negative to say about them. The products are very high quality, just as promised. My orders have always been processed quickly (within a day if placed during business hours) and I receive my order within 3 days of placing it.

I Am Shaman offers plants and herbs that cannot be purchased from health food stores, actually nowhere locally in my town. I completely recommend I Am Shaman if you are looking for quality product from people you can trust. With this vendor, you can purchase products like kava, kratom, blue lily, amanita, fly agaric, san pedro, morning glory and any other entheogen you can imagine.

Personally, I have purchased their Kratom (which they are very well known for), Kava Kava, Amanitas and Blue Lily. I was very pleased with the quality of all the products a numerous amount of times.


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  2. You can check around on kratom forum like KC and see the reviews and comment about this vendor. Its advisable to check carefully before you buy, to many kratom cowboy on the market. Bikhuk is a source I can recommend, the best deal on the market for kratom powder !

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